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Sat Mar 9 - Armory Week Brooklyn

on Wed, 02/20/2013 - 18:09

RABBITHOLE, in association with United Photo Industries and the Dumbo art district, presents a massive group show and silent auction for the Armory Week’s Brooklyn Night, featuring works from 30 artists, live performances from Monogold, Jason Bartell, CC Carana and many others.  

Click here for a full list of artists

In response to damage and losses caused by Hurricane Sandy, Rabbithole is holding this fundraising benefit to help the space and its partners recover from November’s catastrophe. Right now, Rabbithole is in jeopardy. Its primary life force and partner, Rabbit Movers, suffered severe losses during Hurricane Sandy, losing all of its vehicles as well as flood damage to spaces in both Dumbo and Gowanus. Emergency funds have been stretched and run dry, and without immediate help, Rabbithole runs the risk of going under.

If you believe in the extraordinary power of artist generated community and what Rabbithole does, and you want its cultural and educational programming to continue to evolve and flourish, please support this Benefit and join us to raise money to keep this institution alive.

Rabbithole has recently received fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)3 art organization and public charity, which enables donors to make tax-deductible contributions.

Thu Feb 14th: Rabbit Tales - There Is This Something Between Us!

on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 18:33

Rabbit Tales celebrates Valentines Day!






Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00
$3 at the door, $3 beer and wine


Thu Jan 17th: Sugar Life (live) + "Female Trouble" by John Waters

on Fri, 01/11/2013 - 20:32


For a wonderful start into the new year of 2013, Rabbithole is pleased to present it's first movie night of the year with a very special performance by SUGAR LIFE, followed by a screening of FEMALE TROUBLE by John Waters. That means double trouble!


Born in France, Sugarlife (Christian Dautresme) is a performance/music artist living in New York City. “It’s like watching a cheap live daytime soap in which the main female character unravels onstage. There is usually some sort of molting which follows…” says Sugarlife. “Imagine if the United States became a third world country and people had to resort to living room theatre or decrepit mall theater for entertainment. I’m trying to… manifest the subconscious imagery that inhabits the world of dreams and the world of films by the likes of David Lynch, John Waters, Bunuel, Almodovar and others.

"If looking at my work in the context of Guy Debord’s society of the spectacle, the essential character of the spectacle is said to be a 'negation of life which has invented a visual form for itself', While trying to go against the grandiose spectacle created by society, I aim to eventually be assimilated by it and to bend the light that illuminates it. 
"Sugarlife explores and desecrates the time-based and spatial notions ofperformance art, identity, and sexuality with an entertaining and often absurd interactive, live performance. It tends to be hilarious as well as very scary. Whether charging the air with electronic blips, conjuring up a damaged visitor from the realms of the immortal spirits such as Kazuo Ono and Tatsumi Hijikata, or singing in a celestial soprano, Sugarlife becomes a sonic shaman whose transcendence is the only constant.  Neo-Fluxus freak out? Absurdist action art? The ghost of G.G. Allin as a drag queen from a distant planet? Sugarlife transcends any classification."


The king of bad taste at his best. This classic John Waters tells the depraved life story of obese criminal Dawn Davenport (Divine), from her bad-girl youth as a go-go dancer on Baltimore's infamous Block to her death in the electric chair. Populated with Waters' typical appallingly hilarious cast of screwed-up social misfits and dysfunctional lunatics, this is a wonderful thoroughly deranged comedy. An outrageous delight which has formed the raw back bone of today's cultural subconscious. 

Thursday January 17th, 2013
Door is $10 with Open Bar!
Opens at 7:30 pm.
Hope you'll come and enjoy the show, as much as we will!
Happy New Years!

Thu NOV 29th: SunMoon (live) + "Leo the Last" by John Boorman

on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 21:44


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to schedule conflict, we were requested to change our screening last minute. We apologize for all inconveniences. We'll be screening the surreal  'Leo the Last' by John Boorman instead, still opened by a warming performance by Benoit Guerroué's SUNMOON.



Benoit Guerroué is a French native who spent his youth the in the mystical land of Brittany, where he started playing shows and self-releasing an impressive amount of material under the name CARBONIC. Ten years ago he moved to the US where he continued recording, collaborating, and touring/playing in bands.
His performances are extremely varied, ranging from songs with just an acoustic guitar to more experimental renditions incorporating loops, electric guitar, keyboard. His live performance has presented as a 2-piece, 3-piece, and even 7-piece band. Leading and unifying all manifestations of his band, however, is a voice that is sublime, and otherworldly; a voice that comes from the heart, softly taking you away to another realm. 
Today playing under the Moniker SUNMOON, Benoit continues to channel his inspiration (whether it be Nature, love, or music...) through this special inner world to explore expression through sound and create a singular and very personal work of art.

8:30pm: LEO THE LAST

Director of the famed Zardoz, John Boorman's less known, yet equally compelling film "Leo the Last", is based on the George Tabori play "The Prince" and deals with class struggles of the poor against the haughty royals. Starring Marcello Mastroianni as the last in line of princes who gradually emerges from his decaying mansion to become involved with and help the people living in his deteriorating London neighborhood. This film won Best Director at Cannes in 1970.
Thursday November 29th, 2012
Door is $10 with Open Bar!
Opens at 7:30 pm.
See you there!

VIDEO: August Wells

on Tue, 10/23/2012 - 14:42

Last week's movie night opened with an amazing performance by newly formed band August Wells, French horn, violon and keys followed Ken Griffin's entrancing voice and his guitar. Screened behind them were excerpts of Jean Rollin's first film, 1968 "The rape of the Vampire".